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Investigative and Enforcement Division

Licensing DivisionIn September of 2003 the Legislature transferred the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission to the Office of State Treasurer. The agency's responsibilities were specified in: MGL Chapter 10§ 71 which states that the commission shall have general supervision of the conduct of the business of manufacturing, importing, exporting, storing, transporting and selling alcoholic beverages as defined in section 1 of chapter 138, and also of the quality, purity and alcoholic content thereof; and in MGL Chapter 10§ 72 which states that the commissioner may appoint a chief investigator and other investigators for the purpose of enforcing or causing to be enforced the penalties provided by law against every person who is guilty of a violation of chapter 138 of which they can obtain reasonable proof, and shall make all necessary and appropriate investigations for that purpose.

Pursuant to this statutory mandate the Investigation and Enforcement Division established the following objectives: 1) To prevent the sale or delivery of alcoholic beverages to underage individuals; 2) To prevent the sale or delivery of alcoholic beverages to intoxicated individuals and potential drunk drivers; 3) To prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages that are illegally imported or purchased from an illegal source, allowing for tax evasion by the licensee, and to prevent the tampering or dilution of alcoholic beverages; 4) To prevent illegal gambling, particularly poker machines and other electronic gambling devices; 5) To prevent the sale or delivery of illegal narcotics on licensed premises; 6) To prevent undisclosed ownership of licensed establishments by individuals or criminal organizations; and 7) To provide suppliers, wholesalers and retailers of the alcoholic beverage industry with a fair and even playing field to conduct their licensed business.

The success of the ABCC enforcement programs is well documented as the ABCC Investigation and Enforcement Division has received the following national recognition of its innovative and successful enforcement programs for the prevention of underage drinking and drunk driving:

  1. 2004: Recognized as a National Success Story by the United States Justice Department's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  2. 2004: The ABCC's Chief Investigator was named the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association's 2004 Agent of the Year.
  3. 2005: Received the 2005 President's Award from the National Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving for its work in the prevention of underage drinking.
  4. 2007: Received the 2007 "Innovations in Health and Safety" Award from the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators.
  5. 2008: Received National Liquor Law Enforcement Association's 2008 Enforcement Agency of the Year Award.

The purpose of this form is to allow individuals to file complaints with the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission Enforcement Division relative to suspected illegal conduct of businesses licensed by the commission. Please provide as much detailed information that you are aware of relative to your complaint.

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Complaint Form

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Annual Reports  
View/download annual reports with statistics on complaints, complaint locations, Liquor Control Act Violations,Drunk Driving Prevention Enforcement, etc:

Licenses by Municipality
View/download reports on Liquor Licenses, Seasonal Licenses and Section 14 Licensees per Municipality:

Statewide Reports

View/download archived reports of Violations, Complaints, Notices and Compliance Check Results:




Law Enforcement Training

The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission Enforcement Division works in a cooperative effort with Massachusetts Police Academies and Police Departments to provide training to law enforcement officers of the Commonwealth.

In 2009, the Investigation and Enforcement Division conducted Training Sessions for 270 Police Departments, and 1081 Officers, and in 2008 for 293 Police Departments and 606 Officers.

We offer two training seminars for Law Enforcement Officers: "Enforcement of the Massachusetts Liquor Control Act" and "False Identification / Fraudulent Document Detection".

This training is free of charge to participating law enforcement agencies. The optimal size of each class is 20 to 35 individuals, so it is often preferable that adjoining municipalities attend the classes at a host Department.

If you are interested in this training please contact Chief Ted Mahony via email at or Direct Line: (857) 453-2714.

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Ted Mahony - Chief Investigator
Ext 714 -
Direct Line: (857) 453-2714
Rose Egan-Bailey - Investigator
Ext 727 -
Direct Line: (857) 453-2727
Jamie Binienda - Investigator
Ext 722 -
Direct Line: (857) 453-2722
Jack Carey - Investigator
Ext 736 -
Direct Line: (857) 453-2736
Brad Doyle - Investigator
Ext 713 -
Direct Line: (857) 453-2713
Joseph DiCicco -Investigator
Ext 737 -
Direct Line: (857) 453-2737
Caroline Guarino-Wilichoski
Investigator (Training Coordinator)
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Tim Hooton - Investigator
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Dennis Keefe - Investigator
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Mark Kenny - Investigator
Ext 724 -
Direct Line: (857) 453-2724
Jan Kujawski - Investigator
Ext 733 -
Direct Line: (857) 453-2733
Lisa Lordan -Investigator
Ext. 729
Direct Line: (857) 453-2729
Michael Teehan - Investigator
Ext 732 -
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Christopher Temple- Investigator
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Nicholas Velez- Investigator
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