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The ABCC periodically issues advisory notices in an effort to assist alcoholic beverages licensees by clarifying that all operations, particularly those hosted within the licensed premises, are structured, advertised and operated in compliance with all laws and regulations of the Commonwealth. Below are the most recently issued notices:













The ABCC periodically issues guidelines it applies in deciding whether to approve a license application or whether an activity complies with the law. These guidelines are intended to educate and assist licensees and local authorities in avoiding compliance issues. Below are links to the most frequently requested guidelines that affect Golf Courses, Patios and Other Outdoor Areas, and The Factors Reviewed To Decide If An Event Is A "Private Function Not Open To The Public" under the ABCC's so-called "Happy Hour Regulation."


The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission is authorized to promulgate regulations clarifying, carrying out, enforcing and preventing any violation of the provisions of M.G.L. c. 138. These regulations can be found in Chapter 204 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations. These regulations control the method by which a business with an alcoholic beverages license is conducted, and must be followed, where applicable. Some of the regulations are known by their common name, e.g., the "Happy Hour Regulation" (204 CMR 4.00, et seq.) and the "Tag-A-Keg Regulation" (204 CMR 9.00, et seq.). A violation of any regulation of the ABCC may be prosecuted against a licensee either criminally (to impose the available criminal penalties of fine and/or imprisonment) or administratively (to impose a suspension, revocation, cancellation or modification on the alcoholic beverages license).

Below is the list of ABCC regulations.  Please click on the regulation you wish to review:

The ABCC is responsible for regulating businesses licensed under M.G.L. c. 138. This includes ascertaining whether or not activities permitted or conducted on licensed premises are in compliance with Chapter 138 and state and local regulations. A primary component of that oversight includes holding hearings to determine whether or not an alcoholic beverages licensee has violated any of these provisions.

The ABCC has jurisdiction to hear cases regarding all aspects of any business licensed under Chapter 138. The ABCC provides fair and impartial hearings and issues timely decisions. These decisions address a wide range of issues, from whether an individual may be approved as a licensed manager, to whether a local licensing authority properly approved or denied a license application, to whether a business that paid millions of dollars for alcoholic beverages products must continue to sell the products to wholesalers who increased the products' market share.

View links to ABCC decisions that are intended to offer information and guidance on these issues.

Annual Reports

In accordance with the provisions of Section 71 of Chapter 10 of the General Laws as amended, we have the honor to produce the annual report of the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission detailing the conduct and condition of traffic in alcoholic beverages in the Commonwealth.







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