204 CMR 2.00:

204-2.03: Advertising

(1) The use of any advertising matter of an improper or objectionable nature is prohibited. The use of recipe books or pamphlets for mixed drinks, which contain obscene or suggestive toasts or other offensive matter, is prohibited.

(2) No license shall use, or permit to be used, any advertising matter which is false or untrue in any particular. Any advertising matter which directly, or by ambiguity or omission tends to deceive or to create a misleading impression shall be deemed to be false or untrue.

(3) No signs or other printed matter advertising any brand or kind of alcoholic beverages shall be displayed on the exterior or interior of any licensed premises wherein such beverages are not regularly and usually kept for sale.

(4) No licensee shall make or permit to be made by his agent or employee, any false or misleading statement concerning other licensee, his products, or the conduct of his business.

(5) The use of vehicles equipped with either radio or loud speakers for the advertising of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. The use of radio or loud speaker equipment in any licensed premises for the purpose of attracting attention to the sale of alcoholic beverages therein is also prohibited.

204 CMR 2.00