204 CMR 2.00:

204-2.05: Licensed Premises

(1) Slot machines or any other devices which furnish anything besides merchandise of a quantity and quality commensurate with the price deposited therein are prohibited on licensed premises. Gambling of any sort, except those games of chance authorized by the Legislature and/or local licensing authorities, shall not be permitted on any license premises.

(2) No licensee for the sale of alcoholic beverages shall permit any disorder, disturbance or illegality of any kind to take place in or on the licensed premises. The licensee shall be responsible therefor, whether present or not.

(3) The person in charge of any vehicle used for the delivery of alcoholic beverages or alcohol shall carry an invoice or sales slip, stating the names and addresses of the purchaser and seller, the date and the amount of the purchase, and also itemizing the number of the various kinds of containers and the kinds, quantities and brands of alcoholic beverages or alcohol.

(4) Manufacturers and Wholesalers and Importers, may sell and deliver alcoholic beverages to other licensees on any day except Sunday, the last Monday in May, Thanksgiving day or Christmas day or on the day following when Christmas day occurs on a Sunday.

(5) "Package Goods" Store licensees shall not permit any alcoholic beverages to be consumed on their licensed premises, except as authorized by M.G.L. c. 138, s. 15.

(6) "Package Goods" Store licensees shall not sell alcoholic beverages, other than wines and malt beverages, in individual containers of over one gallon capacity.

(7) No Club licensed to sell alcoholic beverages shall use any signs, printed matter or other means publicly to advertise the sale of alcoholic beverages. This shall not prohibit the use of reasonable and proper signs relating to alcoholic beverages within the licensed premises.

(8) All premises covered by a license or storage permit shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times. No service of alcoholic beverages shall be made to any person in a Hotel, Restaurant, Tavern or Club in a glass or any other container which has not been thoroughly cleansed and properly sterilized prior to such service. Hotels, Restaurants, Taverns and Clubs, licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, shall be provided with an adequate supply of running hot and cold water and soap and towels, at all times readily accessible, to thoroughly cleanse the hands of persons employed in such licensed premises. All glasses, dishes, silverware and other utensils used in such licensed places for service of food or alcoholic beverages shall be thoroughly cleansed after service to each patron and subjected for at least five minutes to the germicidal action of clean water heated to and maintained at a minimum of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Equally effective methods of germicidal action by the use of heat, hot water, steam or mechanical devices may be substituted. After being cleansed and sterilized glasses, dishes, silverware and other utensils shall be packed or stored or arranged in such manner as not to become contaminated before again being used.

(9) Hotels, Restaurants, Taverns and Clubs shall have adequate and suitable toilet facilities which shall be conveniently located and properly lighted.

(10) Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Taverns and "Package Goods" Stores shall keep their licensed premises adequately and properly lighted at all times in a manner satisfactory to the Licensing Authorities.

(11) All pipes, coils, hose, faucets and other appliances used in the drawing of draught beer shall be thoroughly cleansed and flushed at least twice in each week, and shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.

204 CMR 2.00