204 CMR 5.00:

5.02: Licenses

(1) The Commission may issue, in its discretion, a license to a ship chandler for retail sales of all alcoholic beverages not to be drunk on the premises, providing that such sales shall be for the sole purpose of provisioning a vessel or shipping company using any port of the Commonwealth.

(2) Licenses shall be issued only to ship chandlers who:

(a) have their place of business in the Commonwealth.
(b) have been in the ship chandler business in the Commonwealth for one year.
(c) who are citizens and residents of the Commonwealth or partnerships composed solely of such citizens and residents, or to corporations organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of which all directors are citizens of the United States and a majority residents of the Commonwealth.

(3) A ship chandler may be issued only one license. No person, firm, corporation, association, or other combination of persons, directly or indirectly or through any agent, employee, stockholder, officer or other person or any subsidiary whatsoever shall have an interest in more than one ship chandler's license.

204 CMR 5.00