204 CMR 6.00:

6.05: Amendments

(1) Between the fifth and 15th day of the month prior to the effective date of the price filing, a wholesaler may amend his price filing to meet a specific lower price, or a specific greater discount for any individual item filed by any other wholesaler. However, under no circumstances may such amendment(s) cause the amending wholesaler's "net price" to be lower than the lowest "net price" filed by any other wholesaler for the same item.

(2) When an amendment is made, the entire page on which the amendment appears shall be filed with the Commission and the page shall indicate the name of the single wholesaler whose prices or discounts are being met and the individual item(s) affected.

(3) Amendments to price lists must be received at the Commission no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 15th day of the month preceding the effective date of such price lists. When the 15th day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, amendments shall be filed no later than 5:00 p.m. on the next business day.

(4) The Commission shall reject any amendment not made in accordance with the provisions of 204 CMR 6.05.

204 CMR 6.00


M.G.L. c. 6, ss. 43 and 44; M.G.L. c. 138, s. 25A.