The ABCC has the broad-based authority to promulgate regulations "clarifying, carrying out, enforcing and preventing violation of all and any of its [Chapter 138's] provisions for inspection of the premises and method of carrying on the business of any licensee, for insuring the purity, and penalizing the adulteration, or in any way changing the quality or content, or any alcoholic beverage, for the proper and orderly conduct of the licensed business,…M.G.L. c138, s.24. These regulations have the added weight of the criminal law behind them, M.G.L. c.138, s.62. The statute provides for criminal penalties for a violation of a regulation promulgated by the ABCC. The ABCC has promulgated a body of regulations, which are found at Chapter 204 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations. These regulations control the method by which a business with an alcoholic beverages license is conducted. These regulations include certain regulations that are well known by their common name, e.g., the "Happy Hour Regulation" (204 CMR 4.00, et sq.) and the "Tag-A-Keg Regulation" (204 CMR 9.00, et seq.). A violation of any regulation of the ABCC may be prosecuted against a licensee either criminally (to impose the available criminal penalties of fine and/or imprisonment) or administratively (to impose a suspension, revocation, cancellation or modification on the alcoholic beverages license).

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