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Please choose your license:

1. Please review your application and print.

2. Fill out a monetary transmittal form.

3. Send check and application to ABCC, P.O. Box 3396, Boston, MA, 02241-3396.

If any information has changed since the last approved application, you must fill out a full application and input the changes.

Warehouse Licenses
1. Advanced Warehouses Inc. WS-35  
2.* Affiliated Warehouses, Inc. WS-80  
3. Americold Logistics, LLC WS-69  
4. Angers Trucking Inc. WS-75  
5.* Barrett Distribution Centers, Inc
6. Crystal Warehouse Corporation WS-66  
7. Crystal Warehouse Corporation WS-87  
8. EMS Warehousing & Distribution, Inc. WS-86  
9.* International Wine Vault, LLC WS-51  
10* International Wine Vault, LLC WS-77  
11. Legacy Realty Trust WS-90  
12. List Logistics LLC WS-62  
13. List Logistics LLC WS-81  
14. Milton's Distributing Co., Inc.
15. Radford Warehouse, Inc. WS-85  
16. Short Stop Distribution, Inc. WS-89  
17. Specialized Carrier, Inc WS-83  
18. Sulco Warehousing & Logistics LLC WS-84  
19. Supply Chain Solutions LLC WS-29  
20. Tighe Warehousing & Distribution, Inc. WS-43  
21. Tighe Warehousing & Distribution, Inc. WS-30  
22. Triple M Movers and Storage, Inc. WS-59  
23. Wilmington Cold Storage, Inc. WS-79  

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