Background and Overview

Game Change: The Patriots Anti-Violence Partnership is an innovative approach to violence prevention education. The program, funded by the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, will provide training for students, faculty, and coaches at 30 public high schools across Massachusetts.

The trainings will be conducted by Northeastern University, Center for the Study of Sport in Society, a nationwide leader in addressing violence prevention. Their signature Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program uses a sports-themed curriculum and employs former collegiate and professional athletes as trainers. The program will also include online support tools for schools and an evaluation component to determine the effectiveness of the program in changing attitudes and behaviors.

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Eligibility and Responsibilities

To be eligible to participate, schools must have participated in phase 1 of Game Change.

School based trainings will include 30 student participants from each selected school. The chosen students should represent all races, ethnicities and “sub-cultures” at your school when selecting your group of leaders. This may include students who are not typical leaders. Schools are strongly encouraged to select student leaders from diverse/minority backgrounds (such as students with disabilities). Ideally, the group should be 30 students, racially diverse, and equally representative of all genders. It is strongly advised that schools not select students who are known perpetrators of violence or victims of gender based violence, as MVP is a primary prevention program, not an intervention program.

In the event that a student with disabilities requires accommodations, the school will provide a special education teacher to consult with and assist MVP trainers with any needed adjustments to the curriculum and/or a paraprofessional to assist with accommodations during the training session.

Participating schools will also be required to facilitate, in partnership with MVP trainers, the following:

One Faculty/Coach awareness training (90 min.)
One parent training (90 min.)
Three peer leader-conducted classroom trainings for younger students
A peer leadership training for 30 students (18 hrs.)


Questions regarding your application may be submitted to Questions regarding Game Change: The Patriots Anti-Violence Partnership may be submitted to Margie Pullo at When submitting your questions, please include “Game Change Phase 2” in your email subject line.

Reasonable Accommodation

Applicants that seek reasonable accommodation, which may include the receipt of the Call for Applications information in an alternative format, must communicate such requests in writing to the Grant Manager at, no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 31, 2016.

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