Can we offer the youth more than minimum wage?

When will grantees be notified of their award?
We are hoping to inform all applicants of their status by the first week of June.

Can we include payroll taxes in our budget, or is that something the agency should pay for?
This is an allowable expense under the Admin line item (not to exceed 10% of the total budget).

In regards to the following disclaimer in the RFP: “Applicants may select only one city or town for youth jobs and may submit only one grant application.” Does this mean if another agency applies with the same service area as my agency, will that disqualify my application?
The disclaimer is only to help bigger agencies narrow in on one service area.  We are allowing each applicant, one service area. 

Can we charge wage related costs to our Youth Wage line?  (i.e. FICA, Workmen’s Comp, Payroll fees, etc.)
Please incorporate them in your admin line item. 

The Census link provided in the grant application now supplies 2010-14 data, rather than the 2009-13 range cited in the application. Is it ok to use the newer data set?
Yes, please use the new data set.

Are supplies eligible under this grant? For example, a small number of program T-shirts for youth employees. It’s not indicated either way in the RFP or FAQ.
You can incorporate “supplies” in your admin line items.  However, remember not to exceed 10% of the total budget.

If administrative staff hours are being requested, are fringe benefits for those employees eligible?
Yes, under admin, just do not exceed the 10% of the total budget.

Can we pay the youth in one lump sum?
We are limiting applications to those who are in compliance with MA Wage & Hour Laws – so when filling out the application please frame it with respect with all applicable Wage & Hour laws and answer all application questions.

Do we need to submit the following forms with our application: Standard Contract, Scope of Services, Commonwealth Terms & Conditions, Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing, W9 Form, and Electronic Transfer Form? 
This forms will be sent to you if you are awarded the grant.

Are we allowed to exceed the budgeted hours if we are using our own funds for the difference.
Yes, we will only fund up to 225 hours – if you have in-kind support for additional hours please include that in your proposal.

Is being a “Gateway City” a requirement to be funded?
No, it is not.