What exactly is the maximum budget for the project?

The Legal Assistance for Our Veterans Grant is designed for a two-year project span. The maximum budget is $75,000 a year, and $150,000 over two years. However, the Attorney General’s Office maintains the ability to scale down funding based on the amount of applications received and other factors.

Can we apply for this grant if we are not a legal aid organization?

Yes! The grant is intended to help organizations that increase the access to services for veterans (healthcare, VA benefits, housing and educational assistance, general legal representation, and veteran-specific employment). If your non-profit organization does that without the legal aid specific portion, you are eligible for this grant.

Are there any formatting requirements (i.e. maximum/minimum number of pages, size of font, etc.,) for the grant?

The grant questions are located on the online portal - so it will automatically format for us (and for you!).  This is the only way we accept the grants.  Additionally, there is a word count limit but the only portal will tell you that based on what question you are answering.