Utilizing funds recovered by the AGO through a nationwide state-federal settlement over unlawful foreclosures, the Office of Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley (AGO) is pleased to announce the HomeCorps Partnership Grants: Municipal and Community Restoration Grants (Community Restoration Grant) which is designed to assist Massachusetts and its communities mitigate the impacts of the foreclosure crisis on cities and towns, revitalize distressed neighborhoods and communities that have suffered the impact of foreclosure clusters, promote home ownership and affordable housing in our communities, and related revitalization goals, all through innovative programs funded by Community Restoration Grants.

Below is a list of grantees. Should you have questions about an individual program, please click the respective link to the program.

Brockton Redevelopment Authority, Brockton, MA

  • Funding to purchase and rehabilitate and renovate foreclosed properties in blighted neighborhoods to be sold to low-to-moderate income homebuyers as well as homeowner repair and needed improvement grants in downtown neighborhoods.

Chelsea Restoration Corporation, Chelsea, MA

  • Funding recipient to rehabilitate properties in Chelsea, Revere, and Saugus primarily to be made available to armed services veteran homebuyers.

Citizens' Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA), Boston, MA

  • Grant funds will promote the expansion of CHAPA’s five-day “first look period” which gives CHAPA qualified purchasers access to foreclosed properties. Banks provide an adjusted sale price, property access and up-to-date listings of foreclosed properties which ensures transparency and responsibility on behalf of lenders.

City of Boston - Department of Neighborhood Development, Boston, MA

  • Homes will be purchased and rehabbed enabling first-time, income-eligible home buyers to purchase and make needed repairs to foreclosed and bank-owned properties. The program will work to stabilize Boston neighborhoods.

City of Fall River, Fall River, MA

  • Expansion of the City’s Buildings Blocks initiative – a revitalization effort with active citizen participation to make the neighborhoods safer, cleaner, and better places to be.
  • The City of Fall River will acquire and renovate foreclosed homes that will be improved, sold, and renovated with assistance from unemployed at-risk youth and veterans in coordination with YouthBuild and Fall River’s Veteran Services.

City of Fitchburg, Fitchburg, MA

  • Acquire properties for rehabilitation and resale and assist homeowners with rehabilitation costs.

City of New Bedford Office of Housing and Community Development, New Bedford, MA

  • The City will implement a revolving loan program for receivers that will provide the funding required to address code violations in order to stabilize abandoned properties and offer potential income eligible homeowners down payment or gap financing to assist in the acquisition of homes.

City of Pittsfield, Pittsfield, MA

  • Construct a revolving loan fund to rehabilitate locally foreclosed properties and provide grants to income eligible home-owners and tenants for code-related home improvements repairs.

City of Springfield, Springfield, MA

  • Loans to income eligible homebuyers who are seeking to purchase, own and occupy single, two and three family homes in the Old Hill neighborhood of Springfield.
  • Assistance to Oak Hill neighborhood for income eligible homeowners to pay for repairs or improvements to their properties including energy efficient upgrades, new roof, window replacements, building life safety systems, etc.

Downtown Taunton Foundation, Taunton, MA

  • Focusing on the downtown area, Downtown Taunton Foundation will generate new housing in order to increase economic activity and to aid in the organization’s revitalization mission by acquiring and rehabilitating foreclosed units.

Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, Statewide service area

  • Housing units statewide will be acquired, rehabilitated and rented or sold to eligible households. Additionally, relief of direct homebuyer assistance grants for income eligible homebuyers who are seeking to purchase in target stabilization neighborhoods in order to stabilize and restore the communities.

Neighborhood Housing Services of the South Shore, Servicing Brockton & New Bedford

  • Down payment assistance grants to qualified and educated homebuyers to purchase foreclosed properties in blighted neighborhood. Each buyer is required to attend First Time Homebuyer Education classes and will receive counseling from a Neighborhood Housing counselor.

Pro-Home, Inc., Taunton, MA

  • Pro-Home, Inc. will renovate an abandoned home in a blighted neighborhood in Taunton. The home will then be made available for sale to a first-time, low to moderate income, homebuyer selected out of a lottery drawing. To be eligible, the homebuyer must have completed Pro-Home’s pre and post purchase counseling programs.

Town of Athol, Athol, MA

  • Development of a revolving loan fund to ensure positive local and regional development and prioritize the need for affordable housing in the town.

Town of North Brookfield, North Brookfield, MA

  • Grant will be used to secure/maintain abandoned properties in order to help reduce theft, vandalism, the treat of arson, and bring the properties in compliance with the state sanitary code.

Town of Randolph, Randolph, MA

  • The establishment of a revolving fund for receivership which will enable the Town to save the economic viability of entire neighborhoods and allow for public health and safety concerns to be addressed.

TRI – The Resource, Inc., Falmouth, MA

  • Purchase and renovate foreclosed properties on Cape Cod and the islands within one year to create energy efficient, renovated homes to be rented or sold to low and moderate income households utilizing energy efficient and green equipment and materials.

Worcester Community Housing Resources, Inc., Worcester, MA

  • Grants and loans will be made available to income-eligible homebuyers who seek to purchase or repair homes in targeted blighted communities.