On Wednesday, February 9, 2011, twenty-five witnesses representing law enforcement, academic research, mental health providers, educators, and advocacy groups testified before Attorney General Martha Coakley and the Commission to Review Statutes Relative to Implementation of the School Bullying Law. Additional testimony has been submitted in writing.

<strong>Elizabeth Scheibel</strong> pdf format of    Scheibel.pdf
Former Northwest District Attorney

Jacqueline Lamont
Deputy Chief, Victim Witness Assistance Program

Det. Scott Camilleri
President, Mass Juvenile Police Officers Association

Suzanne Bump
Massachusetts State Auditor

<strong>Rahsaan Hall, Esq.</strong> pdf format of    Rahsaan Hall Testimony.pdf
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights

Karen Loewy, Esq.

Harvey Wolkoff, Esq. pdf format of    Wolkoff.pdf
Anti-Defamation League

<strong>Elizabeth Englander, PhD</strong> pdf format of    Elizabeth_Englander.pdf
Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center

Nan Stein, Ed.D pdf format of    N Stein.pdf  . - bio pdf format of    Nan_Stein.pdf  US DOE OCR Letter pdf format of    USDOE.pdf
Wellesley College

<strong>Dan Lebowitz</strong> pdf format of    Dan_Lebowitz.pdf
Executive Director, Sport in Society at Northeastern University

Isabel Raskin, Esq.
Education Advocacy Clinic, Suffolk Law School

Richard Cole, Esq. pdf format of    RCOLE_TESTIMONY.pdf
Civil Rights Attorney, former National Chair of the Civil Rights Working Group of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG)

Mary Ann Stewart pdf format of    m_stewart.pdf
Board President, Massachusetts PTA

Edmund V. Donnelly
Educational Consultant, currently leading the Boston Public School's anti-bullying efforts, former special education teacher and former Headmaster of Brook Farm Academy.

<strong>Arthur Lipkin</strong> pdf format of    Lipkin.pdf
MA Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & TransYouth

Danielle Murray pdf format of    GLSEN.pdf
GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network)

<strong>Nicholas Diaz</strong> pdf format of    n_diaz.pdf
GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network)

<strong>Stan Griffith, Esq</strong>. pdf format of    PFLAG.pdf  file size 3MB
Board President, PFLAG

<strong>Donna Brown</strong> pdf format of    MASCA_Statementbullyingfinal.pdf
Massachusetts School Counselors Association

Carolyn Richards
Massachusetts School Counselors Association

<strong>Corrine Rosseal</strong> pdf format of    corinne.pdf

<strong>Alex Pratt</strong> pdf format of    A Pratt.pdf