The following is a series of videos that might assist in understanding the potential safety risks of having a digital life. The videos are from Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization.

Digital Life: Our Connected Culture

The digital community provides endless opportunities for connection and self-expression. Common Sense Media shares some essential facts of digital life so that parents can better equip their children to  explore the digital world.

Parents Need Rules, Too

Like many important life lessons, the rules of the road for maintaining digital responsibility begin at home. Common Sense Media shares some basic rules that will help parents share their values and establish limits regarding their kids’ use of media and technology.

Cyberbullying: Solutions for Parents

With the 24/7 availability of the internet, Cyberbullying has emerged as an epidemic problem associated with the virtual world. Common Sense Media presents tips and solutions to help parents help their children prevent Cyberbullying.

Tech Talk: Beyond Internet Safety

A child’s digital activity today can have a large impact on his or her future. Common Sense Media shares the importance of teaching kids to be safe and smart online.