The Project YES Partnerships is an initiative sponsored by the Attorney General’s Office, in partnership with elected officials, business leaders, youth serving agencies, law enforcement and workforce investment boards across the Commonwealth. The Project YES Partnerships are part of Attorney General Coakley’s continuing efforts to promote community safety through targeted prevention-based programming. Our goals are to work to increase the availability of supportive employment, mentoring and educational opportunities for Massachusetts youth.

Initially piloted in the summer of 2008 in the cities of Worcester, Springfield and New Bedford, with the goal of  increasing the number of jobs available to youth, the Project YES Partnerships expanded statewide in 2009 when the Attorney General’s Office made $1.5 million available for a .

In addition to making an additional $100,000 available for summer employment opportunities , during the summer of 2010 Attorney General Coakley partnered with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, the Boston Police Department and the Committee for Public Council Services’ Roxbury Office to sponsor a Public Justice Internship program.

In 2011, Attorney General Coakley has partnered with the Cambridge Police Department and the North American Family Institute to sponsor a pilot Youth & Police Initiative (YPI) program for young women in North Cambridge. The goal of this program is to positively impact relationships and interactions between local patrol officers and adolescents in higher risk communities, while also strengthening community relations. 

For additional information on current or past Project YES Partnerships, contact the Attorney General’s office at 617-963-2910.

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