The Business, Technology and Economic Development Division is the liaison between the business community and the Attorney General's Office, promoting better communication, providing information and facilitating a better understanding of issues facing business in the Commonwealth. 

The primary role of BTED is to further the Attorney General's efforts to promote economic and technological development in Massachusetts.  BTED advises the Attorney General from the perspective of the business community as the Office develops policy on matters that may affect business activity and the Commonwealth's economy. 

BTED often collaborates with other divisions of the Attorney General's Office on amicus briefs; regulatory initiatives or review; legislative and policy analysis and review; drafting of advisories; statutory construction; small business impact statements; and evaluation of business-related municipal by-laws. 

BTED acts as the Attorney General's liaison to the New England Consumer Liaison Group, a federally mandated consumer forum in the electric industry.  BTED is also the Attorney General's representative before the Building Code Coordinating Committee.

BTED can provide assistance to businesses in a variety of different areas.  Business and industry trade groups are encouraged to reach out and share their perspectives, concerns and recommendations with BTED relative to the impact of state laws and regulations on their businesses, including those laws and regulations specifically promulgated or enforced by the Attorney General.