• The Cyber Crime Division investigates and prosecutes complex criminal cases involving digital evidence, consultation on criminal matters involving technology, and the forensic examination of digital evidence.  The Division is focused on building stronger and safer communities, as well as developing shared training resources and collaboration between law enforcement agencies.

    The Division also works to advance the comprehensive Cyber Crime Initiative, which includes the Massachusetts Digital Evidence Consortium, a working group of law enforcement digital evidence analysts who convene to standardize digital evidence analysis procedures and improve training and information sharing efforts.  The Cyber Crime Initiative is a product of the Massachusetts Strategic Plan for Cyber Crime.  In 2007, the Attorney General convened a meeting of police officers and prosecutors from across the Commonwealth to identify challenges in the investigation and prosecution of cyber crime cases.  Shortly thereafter, she published the Strategic Plan, identifying several solutions to these challenges.  The Cyber Crime Initiative implements these solutions and has already achieved significant success.  For example, the Cyber Crime Division has arranged or conducted training for more than 11,000 police officers and prosecutors in several cyber crime subjects.  The Division also coordinates an online training portal for law enforcement.

    The Cyber Crime Division also developed and manages a Digital Evidence Laboratory.  Opened after new construction in July 2009, the Digital Evidence Laboratory services the Attorney General’s Office as well as other local and state law enforcement agencies seeking assistance.  The Laboratory houses a state-of-the-art training facility for law enforcement.

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