The The White Collar and Public Integrity Division investigates and prosecutes serious criminal misconduct involving:

  • Crimes committed against or upon public agencies,
  • Corrupt public employees and public entities who engage in or conspire to commit larceny, fraud, bribery, gratuities, and other crimes in which there is a hidden personal financial interest, and
  • Crimes that have a corrosive or harmful effect on public confidence in our government and other trusted institutions, including such crimes as perjury and obstruction of justice. 
  • Financial crimes, including fiduciary embezzlement by lawyers, stockbrokers, accountants and other professionals who steal client funds; theft and fraudulent recordkeeping by employees; complex financial frauds such as pyramid schemes, telemarketing fraud, commercial bribery and mortgage fraud; large-scale consumer fraud schemes; identity theft, and tax fraud crimes by individuals and businesses.

The Division’s most significant cases are those that have an impact beyond the facts of the individual case, that involve particularly vulnerable victims, or that assist in restoring trust and confidence in our public institutions. 

The The White Collar and Public Integrity Division is staffed by a group of experienced prosecutors who partner with State Police troopers and civilian financial investigators in the Office, and local, state, and federal investigative and enforcement agencies.  Prosecutors, troopers, investigators, victim witness advocates, and support staff work collaboratively to investigate and prosecute matters using the most sophisticated resources available to law enforcement.