• The Health Care and Fair Competition Bureau aligns those divisions within the Attorney General’s Office that routinely touch upon the Massachusetts health care sector in fundamental ways.  The work of the bureau includes overseeing public charities, preventing anticompetitive or fraudulent practices by providers of health care products and services within the Commonwealth, safeguarding rights of health care consumers, and combating fraud and abuse in the MassHealth system.  The divisions within the Health Care Fair Competition Bureau bring affirmative litigation on behalf of Massachusetts consumers and taxpayers, maintain a health care help line and mediation service, and engage in advocacy and policy initiatives to ensure access to quality, affordable health care in our state.  In addition, many of the divisions work on cases and issues beyond the health care arena, such as overseeing a wide variety of charitable organizations, combatting fraud across the spectrum of government contracting, and investigating anticompetitive behavior in all manner of businesses.   


    The Health Care Fair Competition Bureau is comprised of the following divisions:

    Antitrust, False Claims, Health Care, Medicaid Fraud, and Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities.