The Health Care Division has been at the forefront of health care advocacy, enforcement, and consumer protection. The Division enforces health care laws to protect the rights of Massachusetts consumers and to halt unfair or deceptive practices that may harm consumers. The Health Care Division has returned tens of millions of dollars to Massachusetts through successful litigation against numerous health plans, health care providers, and pharmaceutical companies. 

The Health Care Division works to promote public health and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care system. The Division has conducted groundbreaking examinations of health care cost trends and cost drivers that have directly led to new laws that have increased the transparency of the health care market and encouraged more efficient health care purchasing. The Division also provides guidance and public reporting on the community benefits offered by nonprofit hospitals and health plans through the innovative Community Benefits Program.

The Health Care Division includes a Mediation Unit dedicated to helping consumers experiencing health care billing and coverage problems. The Mediation Unit operates a Helpline for consumers and also offers mediation services to help resolve a variety of issues involving consumers and health care insurers and providers.  It receives and responds to thousands of calls and written complaints each year.  It does not, however, provide legal representation, legal information, or legal advice.

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To find out if your complaint is appropriate for the Health Care Division contact us at our helpline: 888-830-6277