The Division is responsible for overseeing more than 23,000 public charities in Massachusetts, including ensuring appropriate application of charitable assets, investigating allegations and initiating enforcement actions in cases of breach of fiduciary duty, and supporting transparency through publication of filed reports and forms.  The Division also oversees paid fundraisers, including enforcement of registration and filing requirements and prosecution of solicitation fraud.

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Charitable Organization Complaint Form

The Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division has jurisdiction to investigate complaints that involve:

  1. misappropriation of charitable funds;
  2. fraudulent or misleading solicitation; and 
  3. unethical behavior by charitable employees or board members. The AGO generally does not become involved in governance disputes within nonprofit organizations.

File a Charitable Organization Complaint

Please note: in order to submit additional documentation to your complaint, you must first submit the complaint then attach your documents.

You will have the opportunity to save or to print out a copy of your complaint. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to access the form. This program is available to download for free on the Adobe website.