In today's world of increased expenses, nearly every adult in the country possesses at least one credit card. Credit, whether it be in the form of a credit card or other monies owed, can be a valuable tool that permits a consumer to obtain goods and services that they might not otherwise be able to afford, such as a home or new car.

Because poor choices by debtors and unfair practices by some creditors can cause financial difficulties and emotional stress, there are many laws protecting consumers in the area of credit, including those that govern truth in lending, billing rights, fair credit reporting, and debt collection. The following publication, The Attorney General's Guide to Consumer Credit, addresses these credit concerns, as well as what is often referred to as the "hidden price of plastic," to educate you, the consumer, on how costly debt can be.

For your convenience, we have also created fact sheets summarizing some of the major topic areas covered in the publication above:

While the Attorney General's Office cannot offer legal advice, if you believe that you are in a situation in which you are being harmed by a creditor or if you have additional questions please contact our Consumer Hotline at (617) 727-8400.