Massachusetts residents interact with retailers every day. Whether shopping for food for our families, or making a major purchase, we often rely on advertising or other representations that the retailer makes regarding what is in stock, advertised price and what to do if the goods do not suit our purposes or are defective and must be returned. There are many laws in Massachusetts that govern consumer rights.

Consumers should be aware that Massachusetts stores and other retail establishments can establish any return policy they wish, including a policy of not allowing any returns, as long as the policy is posted in a conspicuous place where the consumer is able to see it at the time of purchase.

If you have difficulty resolving a refund issue or other dispute with a merchant, you may wish to file a consumer complaint, or call our Consumer Hotline at (617) 727-8400 for additional information.


Guide to Retail Rights

The following publication, The Attorney General's Guide to Retail Rights, is designed to help you understand a few of them, especially when it comes to your every day purchases. If you have other questions about your consumer rights, please contact the Attorney General's Consumer Complaint and Information Hotline at (617) 727-8400.