• Enrolling in a for-profit school can be risky.  The for-profit school industry has been accused of overcharging students for low-quality educational services and engaging in deceptive and aggressive recruiting practices.  

    Often students who attend for-profit schools:

    • pay more for their education;
    • drop out without completing their program;
    • struggle to pay their student loan debt; or
    • can’t transfer credits to reputable schools.

    Increasingly, for-profit schools have been the subject of state and federal law enforcement actions regarding false or misleading job placement claims. Additionally, a number of large for-profit chains, including Corinthian, ITT Tech, and American Career Institute have abruptly closed or gone out of business.  If you are considering enrolling in a for-profit school, please review the facts, tips and resources below.

For-Profit School Fact Sheet

Learn some basic and essential facts about for-profit schools and the effect they have on students who attend for-profit schools.

Protect Yourself: Tactics to be Aware of by For-Profit School Recruiters/Representatives

Learn to recognize the warning signs associated with deceptive tactics so you can avoid schools that engage in such practices.

Before You Enroll Checklist

Here are some essential questions to ask and have fully and thoroughly answered before enrolling in a for-profit school program.

Resources for Post-Secondary School Planning

Learn about the additional resources available to assist prospective students in selecting an affordable school program, the financial aid options and student loan information.