The Attorney General’s Office actively tracks unfair and deceptive business practices. If you believe that you've been the victim of fraud, deception or an unfair business practice, the Attorney General's Office wants to hear from you and may offer assistance.

The Attorney General's Consumer Advocacy & Response Division is staffed with trained professionals who will review your complaint to determine whether it is appropriate for the AGO's free consumer assistance services. In addition to offering general consumer assistance, the Attorney General's Office also offers several specialized programs for complaints specific to Health Care, Insurance Policies and Investments, Civil Rights issues, and Wage and Hour disputes.

The Attorney General’s Office plays an active role in addressing the foreclosure crisis. The AGO has successfully achieved more than 3,000 loan modifications and assisted more than 16,000 families through its statewide HomeCorps Program and continues to provide direct loan modification advocacy to distressed Massachusetts borrowers to help residents avoid unnecessary foreclosure. 

Please note: The Attorney General's Office cannot provide you with legal advice or act as your attorney. If you have questions concerning the specific application or interpretation of the law, please consult with a private attorney.

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