Serving on a jury is both a duty and privilege of citizenship in the United States; learn more about the Massachusetts Jury System here.

When summoned to jury duty, you are required by law to respond, even if you know you are unable to serve: click here for instructions on responding to your Jury Summons.

If you fail to respond to a summons, fail to appear in court as scheduled, or leave before dismissal, you are considered a delinquent juror.

As a delinquent juror, you will be asked to reschedule - continued failure to respond may result in an arrest warrant, fines totaling $2000, and community service requirements.

When called for jury duty, you are usually asked to set aside 3 days.

According to the Office of the Jury Commissioner, 85% of those who appear complete their service in 1 day, and 95% complete it in 3 days.

Massachusetts employers are required to pay employees their regular rate of pay for the first three days of jury service.

If your service exceeds three days, you will be compensated at a rate of $50 a day by the Commonwealth beginning on the fourth day of service.

More information about compensation for jury service can be found here.

Additional juror information can be accessed by calling 1-800-THE-JURY (843-5879) or by visiting