Before opening an account, make sure you know the features of the different types of accounts and bank cards. Here is some general information to start you out.

Checking Account

An account from which you can withdraw money using checks, a debit card, an ATM card, or a withdrawal form.

Allows you to only withdraw funds that are available in your account.

Be careful not to write checks for amounts that exceed your available funds

  • Your check will "bounce" and you may be charged a penalty (unless you have opted into an Overdraft Protection feature).

Savings Account

An account in which money is stored and accumulates interest over time, and from which you can withdraw money using a withdrawal form, or an ATM card.

ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Card

The most basic type of bank card; it allows you to deposit funds into, or withdraw from, your bank account (many ATM cards have a visa or mastercard logo and also allow you to pay for items at stores or online). The funds to which this card is tied are the actual funds you have in your bank account - it is NOT a credit card.

Debit cards and credit cards both give you the ability to deposit or withdraw funds from a bank account, and both allow you to make purchases with your card (as opposed to cash or check).