• Appendix A: Homeless/Transitional Shelters

    This appendix compiles a list of homeless shelters and shelters with transitional services for veterans in Massachusetts. The shelters are spread throughout the Commonwealth and provide struggling veterans with vital resources.

  • Appendix B: Obtaining Records

    Obtaining records can be an extremely important step in filing for and receiving veterans' benefits. This appendix gives helpful tips for making the process easier.

  • Appendix C: Veterans Benefits Eligibility

    This appendix shows eligibility for veterans' benefits, by war and service dates. There are a few noted exceptions but to receive benefits it is important that you know where you fall in the table below.

  • Appendix D: Veterans' Service Organizations in Massachusetts

    There are countless veterans' service organizations and support groups throughout Massachusetts, which foster camaraderie and organized activities long after military service is over. This appendix lists many groups statewide, compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services; the second table of listings is groups specifically for women veterans.

  • Appendix E: Legal Assistance Agencies

    There are many legal organizations in Massachusetts that offer their services to veterans with expert care at reduced, sliding fee or pro bono costs. These community centers and groups are spread throughout the Commonwealth and provide helpful, need-specific services to veterans.