Tuition Waivers

Under M.G.L. c. 15A, s. 19, Massachusetts veterans who are not in default of any federal student loans and who are legal residents of Massachusetts may be eligible for any state-supported course in an undergraduate degree program or certificate program offered by a public college or university.

Under Chapter 130 of the Acts of 2005 , National Guard members are eligible for a waiver of state college and state university fees and tuition .

For more information, you may contact the veterans' representative at the college or university, visit the University of Massachusetts veterans' website, or contact the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services.


Public Service Scholarship Programs

Massachusetts sponsors a scholarship for certain dependants of deceased veterans.

Scholarships will be awarded to the children of prisoners of war, the children of military or service persons who are missing in action in Southeast Asia whose service was between February 1, 1955, and the end of the Vietnam campaign, and the children of veterans who were killed in action or otherwise died as a result of such service.

The Scholarships are awarded for undergraduate study at Massachusetts institutions of higher education. For more information contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.


Upward Bound Program

The University of Massachusetts Boston offers a program called Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) which provides career and academic counseling for veterans of all ages. The VUB services include workshops, tutorials, and classroom-based instruction on high school diploma equivalency, computer skills, and developing college and career awareness. All Veterans Upward Bound classes and supplies are free for qualified veterans. Contact the Veterans Upward Bound Program for eligibility requirements.