Veterans Employment & Training Services Program

The Veterans Employment & Training Services Program (VETS) is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and provides employment and training services to veterans. These services include access to Local Veteran Employment Representatives (LVERs) and the Disabled Veteran’s Outreach Program (DOOP) at One-Stop Career Centers across the country. These Career Centers have current information about all the federal, state, and local programs and services available for veterans. For more information, visit:

The Disabled Veteran Outreach Program staff work with One-Stop Career Center staff to provide access to employment and training services for disabled veterans. DVOP services include:

  • Expert assessment of veteran’s needs and current skill levels;
  • Career counseling and guidance;
  • Assisting in providing supportive services;
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with employers in order to develop jobs; and
  • Providing referrals for veterans to job openings and training opportunities.


Veterans Retraining Assistance Program

If you are an unemployed veteran between the ages of 35 and 60 and you are not eligible for other VA education benefit programs, you may be eligible for up to 12 months of assistance with retraining expenses. Click here to learn more about this program.


VA for Vets

The VA has developed a dedicated career support program to assist veterans in finding and maintaining employment with the VA. VA for Vets offers online tools for employment searches and career development. For more information, visit the VA for Vets website:


Transition Assistance Program

The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is a five-day workshop intended to help military personnel transition into civilian life. The intensive workshops are facilitated by DVOP and LVER staff and are available regularly at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, Fort Devons in Acton, and the Coast Guard Base in Boston. TAP is a service for transitioning military personnel and their family members who are within 12 months of separating or within 24 months of retiring from the military. TAP workshops include, among others, assessments of employment skills, job search counseling, techniques for stress management, and information related to available veteran services. For more information, visit


Veterans’ Preference

Veterans who meet the Massachusetts definition of “veteran” (see Appendix D) are entitled to several employment benefits. Under M.G.L. c. 31, s. 26 and 28, and M.G.L. c. 41, s. 112, veterans are entitled to preference in civil service appointments and promotions. Veterans in a public retirement system may also buy back their military time (see M.G.L. c. 32, s. 4(h)). For more information see Chapter 468 of the Acts of 2002.



Veterans who meet the Massachusetts definition of “veteran” under M.G.L. c. 4, s. 7, cl. 43rd have tenure in their job if they hold a state job that is not a civil service position under M.G.L. c. 31 and if they have three years in that position. In the event of a lay-off, veterans have a right to be hired for a similar existing position (unless all positions are held by veterans). Veterans who are civil service employees also have certain lay-off protections.


One-StopCareer Centers

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has many resources available to assist veterans in obtaining employment, including 34 One-Stop Career Centers across the Commonwealth. The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development has representatives dedicated to helping veterans in the transition to civilian work. Representatives can assist with the development of a comprehensive job and training plan. You may access these resources by visiting a One-Stop Career Center near you. To find one in your area, visit