Health Care and Business

The Attorney General's Office protects the consumers of the Commonwealth with regard to health care and works to help ensure high quality at a fair cost - both for residents and employers. In recognizing the important role that employers play in successful implementation of the health care mandate law in Massachusetts, the AGO works with the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector to assist in health reform efforts.

Licensing and Permitting

For many businesses, securing and maintaining the appropriate licenses and permits can be a challenge. Below you will find answers to many common questions and links to certain state agencies that can assist you in the process of obtaining and renewing the licenses and permits your business may require.

Small Business Resources

Small businesses represent 85% of all Massachusetts companies and employ over a quarter of the workforce. The AGO recognizes the importance of helping small businesses to thrive in the Commonwealth, as well as attracting entrepreneurs to Massachusetts, a great place to start and grow a successful business. The AGO can help small businesses find the resources they need to enable growth and long-term job creation.

Wage and Hour Law for Employers

The AGO enforces laws regulating the workplace, including the payment of wages, compliance with overtime, minimum wage, prevailing wage and youth employment. As an employer, a complete understanding of the laws will help avoid the risks associated with non-compliance.

Energy and Environmental Law

The Attorney General serves as the Ratepayer Advocate and represents ratepayers, including businesses, in matters involving the price and delivery of natural gas, electricity and telecommunication services before federal and state government regulators. Additionally, under Massachusetts law, certain contaminated sites can be redeveloped with the benefit of liability protections that operate automatically under M.G.L. c. 21E. The AGO oversees implementation of these laws.