• Energy and Telecommunications Division

    The Attorney General serves as the Ratepayer Advocate and represents ratepayers, including businesses, in matters involving the price and delivery of natural gas, electricity and telecommunication services before federal and state government regulators. The Office uses a variety of tools including participation in administrative proceedings before the regulatory agencies, negotiation of settlement agreements, and litigation, either in state or federal courts.
  • Brownfields Covenant Program

    Under Massachusetts law, certain contaminated sites can be redeveloped with the benefit of liability protections that operate automatically under M.G.L. c. 21E. The AGO oversees implementation of these laws.
  • eDEP

    The eDEP site is a secure portal for submitting environmental permits, transmittals, certifications, and reports electronically to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). With eDEP, you can fill out your forms online, save your work and return to it later, submit your forms and payments to DEP electronically, "sign" your submittals, and print out receipts of your transactions.
  • State Permit Tracking

    The Massachusetts Permit Regulatory Office monitors the progress of housing and economic development projects as they advance through Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) reviews and other state permitting processes. Projects posted on this site are either: commercial, industrial or mixed-use projects with a minimum 10,000 sf. increase in gross square footage; or residential projects involving the development of 50 or more new units and having an overall density of at least four units per acre.