The Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) is a unique consumer group empowered to participate in electricity industry affairs.  It was founded in 2009 in response to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission order seeking to improve communication between the energy industry and consumers.

As the Commonwealth’s advocate for energy consumers, the Attorney General’s Office played a lead role in launching the CLG as a ratepayer advocacy organization.  Through the Energy and Telecommunications Division, the Office continues to administer the work of the Coordinating Committee that governs CLG efforts.  

The CLG provides direct access to communicate consumer interests to ISO New England in Holyoke, the Independent System Operator for this region.  The ISOs around the country run the electricity grids and oversee the wholesale markets for electric power.

The CLG meets regularly, and each meeting has presentations and discussion about current industry activity, new technologies, and economic and public policy developments that change with the industry. A primary focus of the group is on working to balance economic and public policy goals with the lowest possible rates for end-users. 

Participation in the Consumer Liaison Group is free of charge, and open to all consumers and consumer advocacy groups. The CLG’s efforts benefit from broad representation from energy ratepayers and advocates, including small business representatives, large commercial customers, non-profit organizations, consumer organizations, trade groups, and state regulators.