The Attorney General's Office provides guidance for how non-profit hospitals and health plans should develop and report on the benefits and programs they provide to the public as part of their commitment to the communities they serve. The Attorney General's Community Benefits Guidelines set forth expectations on how hospitals and HMOs should assess the health care needs of their communities, plan programs in concert with community partners, and report those activities to the Attorney General's Office. The reports are publicly available in a web-based database. 

Community Benefits Guidelines

The Attorney General's Community Benefit Guidelines for Non Profit Acute Care Hospitals and Community Benefit Guidelines for Health Maintenance Organizations took effect in October 2009.

In April 2017, Attorney General Maura Healey convened health care experts for an advisory task force to examine updates to the Guidelines. The task force members will discuss strategies for advancing statewide health priorities as well as develop recommendations for streamlining reporting requirements for participating institutions. There have been significant developments around community benefits at the federal and state levels since the AG’s Guidelines were last updated in 2009. The work of this task force will help modernize the Guidelines in light of those developments and advances in the evidence base, and will explore recommendations to better align resources and standards across common programs to build the long-term capacity of our communities to improve health outcomes and reduce disparities.