Information about your health insurance options, your rights as a health care consumer, and finding quality health care is available from many sources. Listed here are some links to websites that we believe are especially useful for Massachusetts residents.
  • To learn about the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector and health care reform in Massachusetts go to
  • To find out which health insurance companies are licensed to operate in Massachusetts, check with the Massachusetts Division of Insurance.
  • To find information about a physician's credentials and training, contact the Board of Registration in Medicine and see Physician Profiles.
  • To find out about your right to appeal a health insurance plan's denial of a claim because of a dispute about medical necessity, contact the Office of Patient Protection in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health at the .
  • For information about Medicare coverage options and for help in selecting a plan that's best for your needs, contact SHINE (Serving Health Information Needs of Seniors), a free service provided by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs at SHINE.
  • To learn about health care options available in Massachusetts for low income individuals and those with special needs, contact Health Care For All at
  • For information about Massachusetts laws mandating that certain health benefits be provided by health insurance companies: Massachusetts Division of Insurance.

  • To review information about the cost of certain medical procedures and the quality of care associated with many specific services, visit the and click on Current Reports, as well as Understanding the Reports. You can also click on List of Medical Topics to look for information related to a specific diagnosis.