Last year, the AGO partnered with the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) to form a working group of physicians and other health professionals focused on providing resources to  health care providers who wish to take a more active approach to engaging their patients in discussions about gun safety.  Most doctors believe that they can have an important role in preventing gun-related injury and death (both accidental and intentional).  And yet, screening and counseling about guns remain uncommon.  We heard from too many health care providers that they don’t engage in these conversations because they don’t know enough about guns and gun safety to engage with their patients.

AG Healey, Massachusetts Medical Society Announce Resources for Health Care Providers to Discuss Gun Safety with Patients

With MMS and our working group, we have developed the following materials, which we hope will serve as practical tools for health care providers to use in their practices:

  1. A pamphlet for patients about gun safety and health;
  2. A pamphlet for providers about conversations with patients about gun safety;
  3. A Continuing Medical Education (CME) activity designed to provide additional information/training on this topic;
  4. For those not seeking CME credit for this activity, the video recording is available FREE at the Conference Proceeding Archive page.
AG Healey, legislators, and doctors in support of firearm safety education.