The prevailing wage rate applies to all public construction contracts, regardless of the estimated price of the project. Federally funded projects are governed by the Federal Davis-Bacon Act.

All workers engaged in actual public works construction on the site, including sub-contractors and with the exception of those who perform strictly supervisory functions, must be paid no less than the prevailing wage.


Apprentices can be used if the contractor is participating in an apprenticeship program which is approved by the Division of Apprenticeship Training, and the apprentices are registered with the Division. The maximum ratio of apprentices to journeymen is supplied by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development when the prevailing wage rates are issues. Questions about apprenticeship programs should be directed to the Division of Apprentice Training, at (617) 626-5409.

Wage Deductions

An employer may deduct any contribution made by the employer on an employee's behalf to a bona fide pension, health and welfare or supplemental unemployment fund. An employer may contribute to such plans and deduct for the contribution even if the employee does not wish to participate.

Certified Payrolls Records (CPR's)

All contractors and sub-contractors are required to file certified payroll records directly with the awarding authority on a weekly basis. These records must contain accurate information detailing each employee's name, address, occupational classification, hours worked and wages paid. The records must be certified and signed by the contractor or agent under the pains and penalties of perjury. All contractors and sub-contractors must submit the records directly to the awarding authority every week.