Working is a big part of life for many teenagers and while having a job can bring a lot of benefits there are also potential risks. Every year in the U.S., over 200,000 teenagers are injured on the job and nearly 70 die from work-related injuries. Every year in Massachusetts, over 900 teens visit emergency departments for work-related injuries, and one young worker is fatally injured at work each year. Teens are better equipped to protect themselves by knowing the laws that cover youth employment, understanding their rights and responsibilities, recognizing workplace hazards, and knowing how and when to get help.

The following publication, The Attorney General's Guide for Working Teens, explains each of these topics in detail, providing teens, and those who employ or look out for teens, with valuable information to protect themselves in the workplace. The guide includes sections on additional topics such as: work permits, prohibited jobs for teens, reducing the risk of being hurt, and workers' compensation.