Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 68, s. 19A, charitable organizations established to benefit veterans or the military and that intend to solicit in the Commonwealth may request designation as a Veteran’s Charitable Organization (VCO). Charities can request VCO status by completing Schedule VCO within the Form PC.  VCO status shall be valid for three years, starting with the year the charity files the Schedule VCO. Charities requesting VCO status are exempt from annual filing fees and, if registering with the Division for the first time, are also exempt from paying the $100 registration fee.

For example, a charity filing a Form PC with a completed Schedule VCO for FYE 12/31/14 would be exempt from submitting a filing fee with the Forms PC for 12/31/14, 15, and 16 if its VCO status is maintained (i.e., if the charity does not use a paid fundraiser during that time). The charity’s Form PC for FYE 12/31/17 would need to include a completed Schedule VCO to extend its VCO status for an additional three-year period, unless it submits an appropriate filing fee.

If the Division issues a Certificate of Solicitation to a charity requesting VCO status, the Certificate will confirm the charity’s status as a VCO. Please note that while VCO status is valid for three years, a Certificate of Solicitation is valid only until the charity’s next Form PC is due. VCO status does relieve a charity from the requirement to complete Schedules A1 and A2 of the Form PC annually in order to obtain a new Certificate for Solicitation.

Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 68 s. 28f, VCOs may not utilize paid fundraisers (commercial co-venturers or professional solicitors); doing so will result in the loss of VCO status. Upon receipt of a fundraiser filing (Form 10A or Form 10B) for a charity with VCO status, the Division will notify the VCO that its VCO status has been terminated.