Fair Labor Division Enforcement displays all enforcement actions that have been taken by the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division beginning January 2015.    

In addition to criminal enforcement authority, the Attorney General may issue civil citations to employers for violations of the Massachusetts wage and hour laws. These laws include: non-payment of wages, failure to pay minimum wage, failure to pay overtime, failure to pay prevailing wage, earned sick leave, pay stub and record keeping laws, tip pooling, independent contractor/misclassification, temporary workers right to know, domestic worker bill of rights and retaliation.

A citation can include an order for an employer to pay restitution to one or more employees and/or civil penalties.  Employers who receive a civil citation must pay all fines and restitution within 21 days. Those who wish to contest a civil citation must file an appeal with the Division of Administrative Law Appeals and the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division within 10 days.  Anyone failing to appeal or comply within the deadlines may have a tax lien attached to his or her real and personal property, be subject to criminal prosecution and/or be debarred from public works contracting.

Using the Dataset

The information may be sorted or filtered by employer, violation, industry, and other criteria.  The dataset may also be downloaded in Excel and other formats by visiting MassDocs.

Links to the statutes listed in the Violation column may be found here.