2015-2016 Petitions

Below is a list of initiative petitions filed with the Attorney General's Office and the Attorney General's certification decisions.

To view a particular petition, including more information on how to contact its sponsors, and to view summaries of certified petitions and explanatory letters responding to legal issues raised by members of the public regarding some petitions, click on the Petition Number links below.

All links found within this table under the Petition Number and Attorney General's Decision link to PDF documents. Under the Current Status column, the following codes are used (petitions with codes beginning with "N" are no longer viable):

  • NC - Not Certified by Attorney General
  • IL - In Litigation
  • NCSD - Not Circulated for Signatures by December 2015
  • NESD - Not Enough Signatures filed by the December 2015 deadline
  • ESD - Enough Signatures filed by the December 2015 deadline
  • NESJ - Not Enough Signatures filed by the July 2016 deadline
  • OB - On Ballot for November 2016, with Ballot Question Number Noted

The table below will be updated as information is received. An asterisk (*) next to an item indicates the electronic version is not yet available.

Petition Number

Petition Name

Sponsors' Contact Person

Attorney General's Decision

Current Status