For Immediate Release - October 22, 2009

Statement of Attorney General Martha Coakley on City of Boston Email Investigation

BOSTON - Today, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley issued the following statement regarding Secretary of State William Galvin's referral of the alleged deletion of emails by staff at Boston City Hall for further investigation:

"Two weeks ago, the Attorney General's Office began assisting Secretary of State William Galvin in his office's review of the public records and email retention practices by certain staff of the City of Boston. Over the past two weeks, we have worked closely with Secretary Galvin's staff and they have kept us informed of the progress of their review. The first phase of this investigation has been focused on recovering and preserving emails as public records, and ensuring that those records are retained and are accessible to the public.

Today, the Secretary of State's Office has completed its review of this matter, having successfully recovered and retained numerous emails that constitute public records. The matter has now been officially referred to our office, and we will continue with the second phase of the investigation. This second phase will focus on determining whether there was any willful, intentional violation of the law. Our office will carefully review this matter, and we are prepared, if necessary, to take appropriate action to address such violations."