For Immediate Release - April 30, 2010

Statement of Attorney General Martha Coakley Regarding Housing Legislation Passed by the Senate Last Night

BOSTON - Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley issued the following statement regarding housing legislation passed by the Massachusetts Senate last night:

"The bill passed by the Senate last night includes two key provisions that will assist us in both preventing fraud in the mortgage industry, and in addressing the fallout of the predatory lending crisis in Massachusetts. This bill creates a much-needed criminal mortgage fraud statute that will help prosecutors hold accountable those individuals and groups who engage in fraudulent mortgage lending activity, and we hope, will deter such fraud in the future. The legislation also creates an Abandoned Housing Registry, which will help communities and law enforcement to better identify and track abandoned properties that blight our neighborhoods. I would like to thank the Senate, and particularly Senator Susan Tucker, for their leadership on these two important issues."