For Immediate Release - October 20, 2011

AG Coakley Alerts Former Borders Customers About New Options to Opt-Out Before Their Personal Information is Sold to Barnes & Noble

BOSTON –Attorney General Martha Coakley today alerted former customers of Borders bookstores that they now have more time to stop the transfer of their personal information to Barnes & Nobles.  The bookstore is also making it easier for consumers to opt-out through their website.

Borders recently filed for bankruptcy and received Bankruptcy Court approval to sell its customer information to Barnes & Noble bookstores. 

“Former customers of Borders whose information is being transferred to Barnes & Noble now have more time and more options to take action,” said AG Coakley.  “Please make sure to closely read the emails you receive from Barnes & Noble and act quickly if you wish to opt-out.”

Consumers whose information is being transferred to Barnes & Noble should receive two emails from Barnes & Noble: an initial opt-out email describing the transfer of customer information and a supplementary email clearly describing the categories of personal information which are being transferred to Barnes & Noble from Borders.  Individuals will have until November 2, 2011 to opt-out.

The information being transferred to Barnes & Noble includes:

  • Information customers shared with the Borders website, including name, address, and email address.
  • Information collected from customers in the Borders Rewards loyalty program, including customer name, address, email address, and purchase history.  This purchase history will not include the titles of video materials (like DVDs or VHS tapes) purchased by customers.
  • Email addresses from customers who requested to receive special offers from Borders.

The information being transferred to Barnes & Noble DOES NOT include:

  • Credit card or financial account information.  All of this information is being securely deleted and will not be sold.

Barnes & Noble’s website opt-out mechanism will be modified to include additional fields for full name, address, and phone number to allow individuals without email addresses on file to opt-out.  Please note that the information consumers enter on Barnes & Noble’s website and the information given to Borders must be an exact match for the opt-out to work. 

If you opt-out via Barnes & Noble’s website by entering your email address, and there is no matching email address in the Borders database, you will receive a follow-up email indicating “no match,” and you will have until the later of November 2, 2011, or 24 hours after receipt of the email, to try the opt-out process again.

Barnes & Noble’s opt-out webpage is available at: