For Immediate Release - December 12, 2011

AG Coakley Partners with Community Colleges to Create Cyber Forensics Program for Massachusetts Veterans

BOSTON – In an effort to support returning Massachusetts veterans with finding employment following their military service, Attorney General Martha Coakley has partnered with several Massachusetts’ community colleges to create a computer forensics career program for veterans.

“Military veterans deserve the highest levels of care and support from our Commonwealth, and that includes access to education and employment opportunities,” said Attorney General Martha Coakley. “With unemployment rates rising in our young veteran population, this program will provide a valuable skill set and access to potential employers. We’re delighted to partner with Massachusetts community colleges to offer this program.”

The program will be offered at Bunker Hill Community College, Bristol Community College, and Middlesex Community College and offers courses in the newly emerging field of cyber forensics. Courses incorporate many areas of expertise including digital forensics, Internet, network, and information security, as well as intrusion detection, infrastructure protection and computer crime investigation. 

In addition to the coursework, AG Coakley’s Office created internship opportunities for participating veterans to gain hands on experience working in a certified law enforcement cyber forensics lab that is partnered with the Attorney General’s Computer Forensics Lab. These partners include state and local law enforcement agencies currently operating digital forensics labs across the Commonwealth. 

Program participants work towards an Associate’s Degree, workforce certificate, or career certificate in cyber forensics. They can be completed in as little as eighteen months.  The degrees or certificates can be used by program participants for future employment in the Digital Forensics, E-Discovery and Informational Security fields both in the public and private sectors. With the technology boom, cybercrime has become more prevalent, putting the demand for these highly lucrative careers, even in a tough economy, in high demand. 

According to recent statistics from the federal Bureau of Labor, the unemployment rate among veterans serving in conflicts since 2001 has exceeded 12% in recent months, with young veterans, between the ages 18-24 experiencing unemployment rates as high as 30%. 

On November 15th, Attorney General Coakley joined Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray and Veterans’ Services Secretary Coleman Nee at a jointly sponsored forum designed to help assess the state of veterans’ services in the Commonwealth.  A special panel on Access to Education, Employment and Workforce Training highlighted the increasing need for commitment and collaboration by state agencies, educational institutions, and the private sector to help develop and encourage employment opportunities for veterans and military members. 

AG Coakley has created an office-wide task force to ensure that Massachusetts veterans and their families have access to the full range of benefits and services offered to them. The task force, which was created this summer, coordinates resources and services for veterans across the AG’s Office on relevant issues they may face upon returning from deployment overseas, such as consumer, health care, and employment issues. AG Coakley’s Office has also updated its Veterans Resource Guide , a comprehensive resource that highlights the many special protections and benefits that are available to veterans.  The guide offers information regarding healthcare, education, employment and housing benefits.

For additional information on the Cyber Forensics Program for veterans, including information on how to apply, visit the AGO .


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