For Immediate Release - August 07, 2012

Statement of Attorney General Martha Coakley on Signing of Storm Response Bill Into Law

After Governor Deval Patrick signed the bill An Act Relative to Emergency Response of Public Utility Companies into law, Attorney General Martha Coakley issued the following statement:

“This bill ensures that direct rate relief is provided to consumers who have been negatively affected by poor emergency storm response. It will also greatly assist our efforts to protect ratepayers and ensure public safety by requiring utilities to implement better defined plans to communicate with customers and local municipal officials regarding response efforts during major storms at reasonable costs. I applaud Governor Patrick for signing this important bill and greatly appreciate the work of the Energy Committee to draft this legislation under the leadership of Chairmen Downing and Keenan.”

Due to an emergency preamble the law will take immediate effect.

In January, AG Coakley sent a letter to the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy urging that the bill include language that would direct all penalties paid by utilities back to impacted customers through rate credits.


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