For Immediate Release - July 31, 2013

Alleged Leader of Large Criminal Enterprise in Downtown Crossing Indicted, Arraigned on Possession of Counterfeit Money, Credit Fraud and Drug Offenses

Brother and Another Individual also Indicted on Related Charges

BOSTON – The leader of an extensive criminal enterprise in Downtown Crossing has been indicted and arraigned in connection with possession of counterfeit money, credit card fraud and drug offenses, Attorney General Martha Coakley announced today. His brother and another individual have also been charged for their involvement in the extensive criminal network he allegedly ran.

Shahab “David” Yousheei, 36, of Brighton, was arraigned yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court on charges of Possession of Counterfeit Notes, Possession of Counterfeit Merchandise, Attempted Possession of Fraudulent Credit Cards, Attempted Use of Fraudulent Credit Card (2 counts), Attempted Receipt of a Stolen Credit Card (2 counts), Attempted Receipt of Goods Purchased with a Fraudulent Credit Card (2 counts), Possession of Credit Card Encoder, and Conspiracy to Traffic in Cocaine. At the arraignment, he pleaded not guilty to the charges and Clerk Magistrate Gary Wilson set bail $30,000, with the conditions that he be monitored by GPS, surrender his passport, and stay away from witnesses. David Yousheei was indicted on Monday by a Statewide Grand Jury.

“This investigation revealed an extensive criminal network, involving multiple individuals and an array of crimes, operating in the heart of the city,” AG Coakley said.

Sharon “Aaron” Yousheei, 26, of Brighton, was also arraigned yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court, following his indictment on Monday on the charges of Attempted Use of a Fraudulent Credit Card (2 counts) and Attempted Receipt of a Stolen Credit Card. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released on personal recognizance, with the conditions that he be monitored by GPS and stay away from witnesses.

Joseph Taglieri, 33, of Quincy, was arraigned yesterday for Conspiracy to Traffic in Cocaine. He was taken into custody yesterday after a Statewide Grand Jury returned the indictment against him on Monday. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and bail was set at $5,000.

David and Aaron Yousheei were arrested in March as a result of a collaborative undercover sting operation by the AG’s Office, the Boston Police Department, the Massachusetts State Police and the United States Secret Service. David Yousheei was arrested on the Boston Common after allegedly purchasing counterfeit money and Aaron Yousheei was arrested after he returned from Mexico.

Based at a booth at 449 Washington St. in Downtown Crossing, David Yousheei allegedly orchestrated an extensive scheme involving the possession counterfeit goods and money and the creation and use of fraudulent credit cards.

In one scheme, he created fraudulent credit cards, used those cards to illegally purchase merchandise and then would sell that merchandise at a steep discount. In some instances, he would return the merchandise to the store in exchange for a gift card. Authorities allege that he would then either sell the gift cards themselves or consolidate several gift cards to purchase an expensive item of jewelry to sell. He also used the fraudulent credit cards to buy high-end electronics outright, such as cell phones and tablets. Finally, Yousheei allegedly bought $40,000 in counterfeit currency for use in his cash business at his Washington Street storefront.

While negotiating the purchase of the counterfeit money, Yousheei also negotiated the purchase of a kilogram of cocaine on Taglieri’s behalf, which was scheduled to take place after he completed his purchase of the counterfeit money.

According to investigators, Yousheei led a large group of “runners” that carried out an elaborate operation to open new fraudulent mobile phone accounts. They used the fraudulent accounts to obtain high-end electronics and smart phones. Using the fraudulent accounts, the group purchased high end smart phones at discounted prices made available for new customers. When contacted by law enforcement, those victims whose identities were stolen had no knowledge of either the new accounts or the smart phones being purchased under their name.

Yousheei also allegedly provided an illegal credit card encoder to his associates who in turn used fake identities to make credit cards. The associates then used the fraudulent credit cards to allegedly buy thousands of dollars of electronic merchandise of mostly Apple products, including iPads and laptop computers as well as gift cards. Authorities allege that most of these products had counterfeit safety and certification stamps. Investigators believe that the merchandise and cell phones may have been sold at Yousheei’s booth or overseas. 

As part of the investigation, authorities allege that Aaron Youhseei received fraudulently created credit cards made by an associate of David Yousheei and then attempted to use one of them to make two fraudulent purchases.

These charges are allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General William R. Freeman of AG Coakley's Fraud and Financial Crimes Division. It was investigated by the Massachusetts State Police, the United States Secret Service, the Boston Police Department, Financial Investigator Stephen Bethoney from the AG’s Financial Investigations Division, and investigators from the AG’s Computer Forensics Lab.


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