For Immediate Release - December 11, 2015

AG Healey Makes Appointments to Center for Health Information and Analysis Oversight Council

BOSTON – Rounding out her appointments to state health care agencies in Massachusetts, Attorney General Maura Healey today announced the appointment of Laura Adams and Karen Tseng to the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) Oversight Council.

The appointments follow AG Healey’s announcement earlier this week that Dr. Donald Berwick will serve on the board of the Health Policy Commission (HPC), joining Martin Cohen and Dr. David Cutler, whom the AG reappointed.

“The Center for Health Information and Analysis provides unique and robust data on the quality and affordability of our health care system that promotes more transparent and accountable care in Massachusetts,” AG Healey said. “I am confident that both Laura and Karen will play an important role in managing the agency’s priorities and will bring a wide range of experience and expertise to the council.”

Adams is currently serving as the President and CEO of the Rhode Island Quality Institute, a center of collaborative innovation that advances health and healthcare transformation by building on the availability and advantages of health information technology. She is also a faculty member of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Boston and on the National Advisory Board of the Patient Voice Institute.   

Adams was a key consultant on issues of governance for the Improving Performance in Practice Initiative, a Robert Wood Johnson-funded collaborative initiative of the American Board of Medical Specialties, and the Boards and Societies of Internal Medicine, Family Physicians and Pediatrics. She is a past chair and founding board member of the National eHealth Collaborative and chaired the Institute of Medicine’s Planning Committee for the “Digital Infrastructure for Population Health and a Learning Healthcare System” workshop series.

Adams’ experience in health care has also included her position as Vice President of Patient Services at Parkview Episcopal Medical Center in Colorado and Assistant Administrator for the Universal Health Services’ New Orleans area hospitals.

In addition to Adams’ appointment, AG Healey has also named Karen Tseng to serve on CHIA’s Oversight Council.

Tseng, chief of AG Healey’s Health Care Division, previously served as the first Policy Director for Market Performance at the HPC. There, she led a team tasked with monitoring the impact of health care market changes on costs, quality, and access, and successfully completed groundbreaking reviews of nationally reported health care transactions.

Tseng formerly served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Health Care Division of the Attorney General’s Office where she led policy and law enforcement actions to protect consumers, increase health care market transparency, and advance universal health care reform. She is a leader in health care reform and developing policies to encourage a value-based health care system.

The CHIA Oversight Council oversees the research and analytic priorities of CHIA and manages the agency’s budget. CHIA is an independent state agency that serves as the health care data hub for the Commonwealth, stewarding sensitive and confidential data and reporting important information about the quality, affordability, utilization, access and outcomes of the Massachusetts health care system.