For Immediate Release - January 05, 2016

AG Healey's Statement on President Obama's Actions to Address Gun Violence

BOSTON – Attorney General Maura Healey today gave the following statement in response to the actions President Obama announced to address gun violence:  

“President Obama’s action today moves this country in the right direction toward keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. Licensing all those who sell lethal weapons is a common-sense measure that is long overdue.

Enhanced and more efficient background checks and better sharing of information among law enforcement are critical components, too, of making sure that violent criminals don’t slip through the cracks of our system.

I commend, as well, the President’s effort to address mental illness, the root cause of some, though not all, of the most horrific violence we have witnessed across the country. But these actions alone won’t solve the problem of gun violence. We need our elected representatives in Congress to step up and do the right thing. We need comprehensive changes to our laws that will ensure that those who would hurt or kill others can’t get their hands on these dangerous weapons. We need to change the culture on this for the public health and safety of all Americans.”