For Immediate Release - May 18, 2017

AG Healey Takes Legal Action to Protect Affordable Healthcare for Massachusetts Residents

BOSTON – Today, Massachusetts and 14 other states and the District of Columbia filed a motion to intervene in House v. Price, a lawsuit filed by House Republicans that undercuts the affordability of health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Attorney General Maura Healey issued the following statement:

“Despite repeated attempts by the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, it remains the law of the land. We’ve moved to intervene today to protect critical federal payments that support health care in our states. In Massachusetts, we believe that everyone should have access to health care and we will use our state authority to defend the law and our values.”

The lawsuit, House v. Price, would eliminate the stable funding that the law created to protect millions of working families from high healthcare costs. Experts predict that simply the threat to end this funding could destabilize the healthcare market and increase premiums by as much as 21 percent. The Trump Administration and the Republican Congress have made it clear that their number one priority is to repeal the ACA and take away affordable healthcare.

In President Trump’s own words, the House v. Price lawsuit could “explode” the ACA and leave millions of Americans without affordable healthcare coverage, leaving states to pick up the pieces. This intervention by the states seeks to protect health care coverage secured for Americans under the ACA.

The motion was led by the California and New York Attorneys General, and joined by Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington State and the District of Columbia.

The States’ Motion to Intervene can be found here and the Motion to Lift the Abeyance can be found here.